being vulnerable is always scary. this year i want to be fearless & open. sharing life on any public platform opens your life to critique & judgement in a way that can be hurtful but also incredibly rewarding as well as supportive. i want to share more without fear. i want to write & explore all of the things that make up my life in a way i can re-visit. i hope i inspire YOU.

xo // kari


  1. I'm relatively new to scrapbooking but seeing your layouts truly inspire me to get to it and document my life. Being vulnerable and open can be scary but it opens your life to new experiences and adventures. Looking forward to seeing more and just want to say keep up the amazing work and know that you're not only inspiring me but many other people that have the pleasure of seeing your work.

    1. that means so much to me. THANK you.

  2. What a great start of a blog. Love your thoughts.

  3. Kari!!!! I found your blog, finally!! You are so very talented!! Love all of it!!! Beautiful photography! Beautiful memory keeping, and simply gorgeous, edgy, awesome layouts!!
    �� Cherie (WF lady )


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