oh spring, i am supposed to be all sing-song-y & happy about flowers & shit but really ... this change has been one of the hardest yet. i won't blame it on daylight savings, i won't blame it on anything as a matter of fact. i will say that growth is rough and i am trying to focus on just the good, the things that make me feel like i am myself again. lost is an understatement but when i am making things i am my best self and that's where i want to be. making. creating and documenting life through any art form that feels right in that moment. so far that has looked a lot like scrapbooking, writing, and forever photographing it all. this month i wanted to push myself with a 30 day watercolor challenge & maybe i will share some of it some time but i didn't want that to be my main focus, i wanted it to be for me. sometimes making something is more fulfilling than sharing it & that's how i felt when i stamped this month for my KP projects. what i love the most about getting to work with Kelly's stamps every month is that it pushes me creatively to make & not just make but make with something that can inspire new designs within her own. i always like the creative challenge of : how can i make this me? it's like a weird puzzle of fitting what has already been made with my photos & manipulating it to feel the way i did or to match my style. this month, the projects i made are exactly that & the act of making the messes while trying new things saved me a bit. 




so much art. last month i visited two museums and wrote one art paper, i made 5 project life layouts and even managed to post a few things on both of my instagram accounts. all the art. being inspired, for me, has always come from big feelings or big surges in visual inspiration.  this month had a lot to do with both. i have been writing a lot... more than i ever have i think... and that doesn't surprise me at all &&& because of school i was required to put myself in front of even more art than usual. i loved it. this layout was documenting one of those days from my solo trip to the asian art museum in sf. kelly's newest releases were perfect for my city days and i used a combination of her newest hero art's release with a bunch of sets from the shop items this month. 

& well, you know ... i had to dedicate this coffee date to its own layout. the newest coffee stamp kelly designed is so cute i want it to travel with me to every new coffee shop i check out but instead i will settle for just using it on all the coffee photos. everyone knows i could drink 5 lattes a day but this is the next best thing & MUCH less in caloric intake... ok fine... i will just stamp coffee cups instead of drink them.... maybe that will work out. sigh*
with all of the shit i still have to get done for school i'm gonna need more coffee. 2 midterms down & two more to go. ... gotta study... but feel free to wish me luck or tell me your favorite museum/ coffee shop in the comments. 




for my birthday i made the mistake of asking for a gym membership. my birthday isn't until the 24th but my sister surprised me early so she could torture me last sunday. her & i have been going to soul cycle & i never thought i would say that i love spin class but damn, i do. i had a cheap gym membership & they didn't offer classes so i got an epic upgrade, curtesy of the fam & now i have the wonderful privilege of being forced into uncomfortable, uncharted territory with my sister dragging me behind her through all these new to me experiences. she is a gym girl you see & i am a foodie. don't get me wrong she loves cheese way more than i ever will, but she has been going to classes for a while now so i am the nervous uncomfortable one & the little sister gets to be the guide in this scenario. i almost threw up ... but it didn't stop me & she was right there by my side telling me i could do it. when did she become the strong one?... i guess that's what two kids will do for you. she's the "mom"now & i am the girl who is just trying to figure it all out & that's all right with me. i documented all the sweaty things using kelly's last shop release. i also threw in a few from her older planner set but most of the stamps are from the "hustle" stamp still available in the shop. here's to hoping i will have a lot more workout layouts or planner pages or i will just be busy getting my ass kicked in new classes with my sister right there beside me. 
wish me luck dude.



december really did a number on me. between finals & the holidays i hardly recovered. crafting was a welcome comfort & a MUCH needed fresh start. i generally stress about goals & projects at the beginning of every year but this one felt different. instead of feeling obligated to make personal goals i just embraced the need for growth. i WANT to grow this year as a person & i want to document it. i knew i needed to think smaller so i decided on a 6x8 album ... to this day i have never completed or even come close to documenting an entire year & that's just fine with me. it's for me and all i really care about is making. making something that feels like i feel & documents all the shit that i do.
kelly's december shop update had a lot of the good stuff that went right along with my fresh start vibe. i have a feeling i will use the new numbers all year & i might have a new favorite alpha stamp (sorry old mulberry set) ... but really i was just happy to start over. restarting hasn't been easy but one day at a time as they say... so here's to 2017 in paper & print, tangible growth & inspiration. 




you guys. i just finished turning in my final project for my typography class & i have to say ... i feel like magic. it's like i drank 30 butterbeers with a side of felix felicis ... & now you know what a huge nerd i am. i mentioned on the blog last month to have your wands at the ready for the magic that was coming to the SHOP & some of you were lucky enough to snag a stamp or two. to be honest, when mine came in the mail i was almost as excited as i was the moment i walked in to Universal Studios. i fully intend to blog about my geek out moments and share my layout of all the good stuff, don't worry. the last couple of months i haven't had time to take much of a breath or stop to think about all of the memories i have been making and with finals i haven't had ANY time to create but now that i have a few weeks off ... i intend to reflect on the year, make some more magic, and set some NEW goals including WAY more crafting. i know the stamp is sadly sold out BUT, there are always the books... ALWAYS. 

-Karry Potter.