June // KP

this month i have been freaking out, in good ways & bad ways. busy is good but freaking out... not so good. i got my stamps a little later this month due to a post office debacle but i was SO happy that i had time to finish my projects & i ended up loving them so much as well as kelly's june release.
LOTS of good stuff this month & next month is going to be so exciting with her holiday hero arts pre-order. i hope you had a chance to snag some stamps this month but if not she still has a few things left in the shop and be sure to mark your calendar for the 28th of july for all the new stuff.

renegade 2015, yah i know I'm so behind. Kelly just posted her final pages for project life 2015 on her blog & I was so inspired to get my ass in gear to finish more from last year. slowly, but surely. this was so fun to make. i scanned in some of our Photo Booth strips from that day & resized them to fit for one of the pockets & cut one up and stapled it to the tag in another. the tag ended up being my favorite part of the layout. i used an older ampersand woodblock stamp that kelly released with her first hero arts collaboration i believe. it's one of my all time faves, that typeface has the most beautiful ampersand. to match up & balance out that stamping i added a filler card that i stamped with the numbers from the kit jamaica designed for kelly (get it) . i also used some of kelly's white alphas for the renegade title & one of the cards from this months kit (my day). this ended up being one of my favorite layouts i've made because of the colors & type but mostly because i love these photos so so much. 
... and then there's this layout. all the fog & one of my favorite adventure buddies (he kisses me how can he not be my fave?) he's also good to take photos of in front of epic mountains, but yah... anyway.  i'm getting off topic. kelly's newest adventure stamps were so perfect for this. i used jamaica's kit cards and cut them down for my pockets. i''m a huge fan of all things black & white so naturally this was my go-to but, happened to be a perfect pairing with all my fog. i kept this one more simple & graphic stamping the adventure circle over my 'A' card. i matched that up for balance at the bottom left hand side using this months kit stamps with the day of the week on my tag. lots of journaling & the big script weekend stamp from the weekender set for my title. photos.words.stamps. YES. i have a lot more to share soon so stay tuned. a little good freaking out & a lot more crafting.. 




this month's shop update from kelly was so good. the alpha, the beer stamps, the quotes for journaling cards. loved it all. i used a little bit of each stamp set on my sister layout for this month's design team project. the quotation marks are my all time fave. lots of grey, black & white on most of my layouts & this month's kit had a ton of great neutrals to use. i used a quote i found online that fit so perfectly for our sister conversation and documented the day with the "he said, she said" stamp from this month's kit. also, i had to throw in a beer stamp for my glass of allagash white at low brau (if you're around downtown sac this place is a must). making patterns for PL cards is something really fun to do with type  & i decided to use the '@' from this month's alpha to create a location card that would balance out all the other type on the layout. sister day documented with a special photo i snuck of her even though she wanted to kill me for it. (love you jess)
for my second layout this month i stuck with the neutrals (surprise, surprise) to let the photos shine. some journaling about my birthday morning & waking up so so early for a full photo adventure day with Adrien. lots of hearts for this one using jamie's kit stamps that are unfortunately now sold out (gotta be QUICK on the shop updates man or subscribe!) & a few of last month's morning stamps. i also snuck in that SF stamp from kelly's hero art destination release & a few of my favorite grey studio calico stickers. &&&, best advice i could give, grab the label stamp kelly released for her planner set earlier this year. i basically use it on every layout & it was a perfect circle layer for that snooze button circle as a border. perfection. 
if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or if you just want to say YO!..  do that because i would giggle. xo.


today's | truths


today's truths:
  • i'm out of school for a couple of weeks before summer semester starts & i'm feeling overwhelmed by how much free time i have even though i know it's only for a short time.
  • i'm at a creative crossroad & i don't know what i need to change but i'm trying to allow myself the patience to figure my feelings out about my art.
  •  all i want to do is adventure and explore new places & breathe in fresh air.
  • inspiration is overwhelming lately & i am struggling with comparing myself to others while wanting to bring something fresh and uniquely me to the table. 
  • i can't stop drinking iced coffee. ( needing an intervention ) 
  • i shot a roll of b&w film in yosemite last weekend & it reminded me of just how much i miss the darkroom, hopefully i can sneak back in this fall if i take studio lighting. 
  • i spent the afternoon with my sister the other day & i miss her living close to home & spending girl time, just us whenever we wanted. 
  • looking forward to stamping the shit out of my get to work book & hoping it will keep me straight this summer between work/school/& adventures.
  • daydreaming about exploring is keeping me from accomplishing much these free days but i'm hoping writing it all out helps. 




//  kelly's SHOP is now open with april's releases & there is a lot to love. the mix of everything is really nice. lots of doodles mixed with the clean & bold designs kelly is known for.

//  this months kit really inspired me, i love to document mornings even though i hate getting out of bed. although, waking up at 4 or 5 am does have its perks... like photographing epic sunrises or morning fog. oh yes. 

//  so, some morning stuff is legit... i guess. plus mornings usually go hand in hand with coffee... ok, fine mornings are ok.. ish. make THIS morning good an go grab some stamps ---> good morning stuff here. before they sell out. 



i chose heath ceramics as my "space & place" to visit for a recent design writing assignment. when i saw it was on the list as a possible choice, it was an easy decision. i've always wanted to go check out the sf location & it did not disappoint. they partner with blue bottle coffee & a local flower vendor so not only does the place smell incredible it's retail heaven. adrien came along with me to adventure and surprised me right at the door with a fresh bouquet of ranunculus. made my day & inspired my newest project life spread. 
i used a bunch of new kelly purkey stamps from this month's release. and yes...my favorite new alpha stamp is sadly sold out BUT i'm sure i'll have a new fave next month so don't even trip. i honestly just love playing with any style of type & that's what i wanted for this layout because it was already so full of patterns. mixing type is one of my favorite things & kelly's sets usually have a good range of different typefaces to play with. i won't tell you how long i agonized over getting the "this&that" card just right but i love the way it came out. & the no parking sign in my picture just begged for more type. kelly released the "gimme a break" set & i love that the sayings have a bad day vibe with a sense of humor attached. perfect for this photo of adrien looking very ... i'm handsome and old hollywood but doing something bad for me ... haha (you gotta cut back on the SMOKING. i know you're reading this sir.) i also used a couple of the word strips from the "lets make magic" set as an addition to my journal card. i know that set will get a ton of use because you can do so much with it. i threw in a few stamps from the adventure planner set as well & called it done. it's probably my favorite layout i have made in a long time. i'll be back soon to share another layout but, in the mean time, don't miss out on  what's left in the SHOP from kelly's march releases & if you're ever in the bay area or live close by definitely check out heath ceramics.