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ok. i've been scrapbooking since 2001... & i will never forget the first time i walked into a scrapbook store. i'll never forget the first time i made a project for a local store & the nerves i had actually teaching a class there. i'll also never forget the first time i got an email saying my work would be published in a scrapbook magazine & the disbelief when i actually got it in the mail. i will never forget the first email asking me to join a design team and more recently the email about teaching a class online.

today i launched a class over at big picture classes and i will never forget how humbled i am to be a part of this online community of crafters as well as teach with some of the people i have followed and looked up to for years. i'm so happy i have this opportunity to hopefully inspire people to create and document life. it's what i love and hope to continue pursuing for years to come through design & photography.

i hope you'll come check it out when you get a chance & let me know what you think. XO

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