on February 5th i bought myself a plant & ... the little dude is still alive. he sits on my desk looking cute & green & reminds me that with a little bit of water, light and love things grow. he's perfect for me right now; not too much to deal with plus he's that simple reminder for me every time i sit down at my desk. maybe i will give him his very own page in my scrapbook as a full photo insert? this layout documents the day i bought my little plant. i used a few of kelly's newest shop releases on this month's layout, the garden girl set & the kent alpha. i LOVE the way my tiny cactus stamped & the look the white ink gives on the photo with the "plant lady" text. i also snuck in a tiny succulent with kelly's planner set from a while back that was all about gardening & the weather. the photos are from one of my favorite shops in temescal, Crimson. one day i hope that i am brave enough to fill my place with plants like the shop but for now one is just enough. cheers to growth little plant. 

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