have you guys ever felt like one minute you're getting off work late saturday & you blink ... and the weekend is gone? yah, same. annnnnd yes... i work every saturday & go to school on the in between days. i remind myself, often that i signed up for this shit but when finals roll around i ask myself WHY? one more week to go & i can almost feel the summer ocean breeze. sort of. almost.
this month kelly released a weekend stamp set & it had me thinking about all the sundays. all of them. at the beach, at a concert, at a museum... basically anywhere i DON'T have to write a five page paper about. if you guys didn't get to snag this set the first time KELLY plans to restock it & i will have some new sneaks up on my instagram soon enough with all the goodies coming to the shop the 28th. hello new alpha stamp. but for now ... wish me luck on my finals and i am going to dream about waking up with an extra sunday... i know, too much to wish for & mostly i just hope for sleeping at all so lets start with that maybe?


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