happy fall y*all.
// are you guys ready for thanksgiving? i had class on halloween so i am ready for real holiday time. i can't wait to cook. it seems like this time of year always brings out the side of me that wants to be in the kitchen making & less at my desk making. staying in bed has been a battle as well, but... with October's SHOP UPDATE i finally got myself making. what can i say... those new alphas & the cute sweater reminded me how much i love fall. i decided to document my everyday photos & what this season looks like for me right now leaving out all the homework & 'blahs'... i tried to focus more on the faves. 

"people are always telling you that change is a good thing..." -Kathleen Kelly, You've Got Mail.

// change is hard but, i have been taking note of how the season doesn't mind & the leaves just keep falling gracefully. i'm gonna try to be more like the leaves haha. graceful isn't a term i use for myself often.. can i walk without tripping, damn, but i am trying to be a bit more on top of things. school feels like it's trying to kill me sometimes but it's nothing a few deep breaths, some photos, a craft day or friends can't cure. at least campus is sorta beautiful this time of year... 

// i love the photo i took of one of the buildings at school framed by this crazy overhanging canopy of leaves i walk under everyday. with this layout i wanted to document the coffee that helps me survive & some of the new clothes i treated myself to for this season, hello cute pleather jacket. just a typical school week but it's nice to have those daily things to look back on from this season of my life. 
// if you read this far, you deserve a big fancy latte yourself. have a good thanksgiving & don't forget to check out THE SHOP tomorrow for some epic early black Friday deals. if i were you i would set an alarm.. these stamps go FAST & if you do miss out DON'T EVEN worry because the shop update for November is gonna be the most magical thing. 



  1. Love your pages as always <3 They are always so magical and... my kind of dreamy mood.
    I don't know what happened to you on October but... Big hugs!

    1. thank you so so much, it always means a lot to me. xo

  2. oh, Kari... you are magic. Love your work as always. Gorgeous photos and your attention to detail is perfect.

    1. thanks so so much sandra, seriously. xo


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