you guys. i just finished turning in my final project for my typography class & i have to say ... i feel like magic. it's like i drank 30 butterbeers with a side of felix felicis ... & now you know what a huge nerd i am. i mentioned on the blog last month to have your wands at the ready for the magic that was coming to the SHOP & some of you were lucky enough to snag a stamp or two. to be honest, when mine came in the mail i was almost as excited as i was the moment i walked in to Universal Studios. i fully intend to blog about my geek out moments and share my layout of all the good stuff, don't worry. the last couple of months i haven't had time to take much of a breath or stop to think about all of the memories i have been making and with finals i haven't had ANY time to create but now that i have a few weeks off ... i intend to reflect on the year, make some more magic, and set some NEW goals including WAY more crafting. i know the stamp is sadly sold out BUT, there are always the books... ALWAYS. 

-Karry Potter.

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  1. I was a little sad to miss out on this set, because lets face it, who doesn't want a little more Potter in their life. Hoping for a digital release :-) Universal studio would have been amazing.


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