december really did a number on me. between finals & the holidays i hardly recovered. crafting was a welcome comfort & a MUCH needed fresh start. i generally stress about goals & projects at the beginning of every year but this one felt different. instead of feeling obligated to make personal goals i just embraced the need for growth. i WANT to grow this year as a person & i want to document it. i knew i needed to think smaller so i decided on a 6x8 album ... to this day i have never completed or even come close to documenting an entire year & that's just fine with me. it's for me and all i really care about is making. making something that feels like i feel & documents all the shit that i do.
kelly's december shop update had a lot of the good stuff that went right along with my fresh start vibe. i have a feeling i will use the new numbers all year & i might have a new favorite alpha stamp (sorry old mulberry set) ... but really i was just happy to start over. restarting hasn't been easy but one day at a time as they say... so here's to 2017 in paper & print, tangible growth & inspiration. 


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