for my birthday i made the mistake of asking for a gym membership. my birthday isn't until the 24th but my sister surprised me early so she could torture me last sunday. her & i have been going to soul cycle & i never thought i would say that i love spin class but damn, i do. i had a cheap gym membership & they didn't offer classes so i got an epic upgrade, curtesy of the fam & now i have the wonderful privilege of being forced into uncomfortable, uncharted territory with my sister dragging me behind her through all these new to me experiences. she is a gym girl you see & i am a foodie. don't get me wrong she loves cheese way more than i ever will, but she has been going to classes for a while now so i am the nervous uncomfortable one & the little sister gets to be the guide in this scenario. i almost threw up ... but it didn't stop me & she was right there by my side telling me i could do it. when did she become the strong one?... i guess that's what two kids will do for you. she's the "mom"now & i am the girl who is just trying to figure it all out & that's all right with me. i documented all the sweaty things using kelly's last shop release. i also threw in a few from her older planner set but most of the stamps are from the "hustle" stamp still available in the shop. here's to hoping i will have a lot more workout layouts or planner pages or i will just be busy getting my ass kicked in new classes with my sister right there beside me. 
wish me luck dude.


  1. Love you sis!!! From your crafts, to your witty humor and sarcasm...I'm a million steps behind you. I love that this can bring us closer together.... and get some pretty epic pictures and memories along the way.

    Ps .... cheeeeeese. ����

  2. Stephanie WheelerMarch 3, 2017 at 12:37 PM

    First off, hey. Love you/miss you.

    Second off, you got this. I was so nervous when I started HIIT training in the fall, and now I feel like a pro (most days). I believe in you! And you're lucky to have a sister who will go with you. Having someone to ride it out with you is priceless!

    1. first off, hey i love/miss you too & that accent. SECOND THANK YOU. i haven't been doing so well but i am doing my best & for now that is ENOUGH. ps come visit XO


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