so much art. last month i visited two museums and wrote one art paper, i made 5 project life layouts and even managed to post a few things on both of my instagram accounts. all the art. being inspired, for me, has always come from big feelings or big surges in visual inspiration.  this month had a lot to do with both. i have been writing a lot... more than i ever have i think... and that doesn't surprise me at all &&& because of school i was required to put myself in front of even more art than usual. i loved it. this layout was documenting one of those days from my solo trip to the asian art museum in sf. kelly's newest releases were perfect for my city days and i used a combination of her newest hero art's release with a bunch of sets from the shop items this month. 

& well, you know ... i had to dedicate this coffee date to its own layout. the newest coffee stamp kelly designed is so cute i want it to travel with me to every new coffee shop i check out but instead i will settle for just using it on all the coffee photos. everyone knows i could drink 5 lattes a day but this is the next best thing & MUCH less in caloric intake... ok fine... i will just stamp coffee cups instead of drink them.... maybe that will work out. sigh*
with all of the shit i still have to get done for school i'm gonna need more coffee. 2 midterms down & two more to go. ... gotta study... but feel free to wish me luck or tell me your favorite museum/ coffee shop in the comments. 



  1. I just wanted to let you know I've stopped by your blog and seen your beautiful pocket pages. Awesome stuff!

    1. thank you so so much. that really made my day. XO


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