oh spring, i am supposed to be all sing-song-y & happy about flowers & shit but really ... this change has been one of the hardest yet. i won't blame it on daylight savings, i won't blame it on anything as a matter of fact. i will say that growth is rough and i am trying to focus on just the good, the things that make me feel like i am myself again. lost is an understatement but when i am making things i am my best self and that's where i want to be. making. creating and documenting life through any art form that feels right in that moment. so far that has looked a lot like scrapbooking, writing, and forever photographing it all. this month i wanted to push myself with a 30 day watercolor challenge & maybe i will share some of it some time but i didn't want that to be my main focus, i wanted it to be for me. sometimes making something is more fulfilling than sharing it & that's how i felt when i stamped this month for my KP projects. what i love the most about getting to work with Kelly's stamps every month is that it pushes me creatively to make & not just make but make with something that can inspire new designs within her own. i always like the creative challenge of : how can i make this me? it's like a weird puzzle of fitting what has already been made with my photos & manipulating it to feel the way i did or to match my style. this month, the projects i made are exactly that & the act of making the messes while trying new things saved me a bit. 



  1. I super love how you use Kelly's stamps! Stamping is really something I need to practice and get better at. It would be fun to see some of your watercloor projects if you ever feel like sharing them!

    1. thank you !!! i might share them one day or some of them, we will see. your support means a lot XO

  2. Everything you make is magic girl. LOVE your style!


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